Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is the primary benefit of Advisor Metrix?

When metrics are meaningful, insights become opportunities. Whether in supporting client relationships or aiding in business planning and oversight, Advisor Metrix empowers advisors to focus equally on efforts that drive their business and client relationships forward. Creating a destination for essential business data, Advisor Metrix improves accessibility to key client and account details, enabling financial professionals to more accurately monitor and evaluate the performance of their practice and improve efficiency within their teams. With the right view of the right data at the right time, advisors gain peace of mind knowing how well-positioned their business, their team, and their clients are for success.

+ How does Advisor Metrix work?

Powered by the data within your CRM, financial planning and risk tolerance applications, and featuring an innovative VOIP telephone integration, Advisor Metrix delivers essential insights to financial professionals in a single, instantly accessible view. Through a frictionless, feature-rich dashboard, you'll gain a consolidated look at your business and client data giving you the ability to more accurately monitor the performance of your practice; evaluate the value of your relationships; provide more meaningful and timely client advice; streamline compliance efforts; and improve efficiency and performance within your team. That includes:

a. Instant access to critical client information through two-way integrations with Redtail, eMoney Advisor and Riskalyze

b. Real-time tracking of money in movement; revenue by product, account, client, household, or segment; pipeline opportunity funnel, and more

c. An industry-first VOIP integration with Jive Communications, supporting compliance and QA oversight through call tracking and recording

d. Simple user-roles and practical platform access for a low monthly cost

+ What types of advisors will this technology be best suited for?

Advisors in any business model will benefit from the instant and automated access to the critical data provided by Advisor Metrix. However, for entrepreneurial-minded advisors looking for technology to assist them in the business of running an advisory business, Advisor Metrix is especially well-suited. It's the only business intelligence software on the market today designed specifically for financial professionals looking for analytics capabilities to identify revenue opportunities, monitor productivity, inform quality of service, and streamline compliance efforts.

+ What is the cost?

For the low annual cost of just $1200 dollars per advisor, you can enable your entire team to access the data they need to support your business with no-surprise delegate access for up to three users included in your subscription.

+ How do I add members of my team?

Advisors have the ability to add and manage team members directly within the application. Simply navigate to Membership under Team Settings, and invite those you wish to have access to the platform.

+ Can I add or update permission settings to control who can see what data?

You can configure which advisor’s data are seen by which user, enabling maximum collaboration between members of your business. To do so, head to the Team Settings sections from within your Settings dropdown menu and select Membership.

+ Do you need to use Redtail, Riskalyze & Jive to use your software

Integrations with Redtail, Riskalyze and Jive are not required to use Advisor Metrix effectively in your business. However, the true power of platform is realized when each of these integrations are enabled, as they each support important components of the business and client data intelligence provided through the platform.

+ How do I enable my integrations?

Enabling your Redtail, Riskalyze, and eMoney integration within the application is simple, thanks to seamless single sign-on. Simply navigate to Team Settings under your Settings menu and key in your username and password for each application separately. To enable your Jive integration, reference their Onboarding and Getting Started materials here, or reach out to their dedicated support team at

+ Are any other integrations available?

At this time, the only integrations available are with Redtail, Riskalyze and Jive Communications. As our platform grows, we will look to expand the number of partners with which we integrate based on feedback from our advisor community.

+ How often is the data synchronized?

Data within the application is automatically synchronized nightly. Some data within the app can be synchronized manually at any point between then by simply hitting the green Sync button in the top right corner of select fields.

+ Does data flow two ways between applications?

The data points within the Advisor Metrix application that were originally sourced from an integrated platform (Redtail, Riskalyze or eMoney) will update in both directions each time a sync occurs, either automatically nightly or manually by hitting the green Sync button.

+ Where can I learn more about enabling the Jive integration?

For more information on the Jive VOIP telephone capabilities required to enable the integration within Advisor Metrix, contact Jive at 844-588-4559 or

+ Who can I contact for additional training and support?

For more information on using the platform, view the Advisor Metrix User guide available here. Also be sure to take advantage of the onscreen prompts and guides designed to help you expertly setup and navigate the platform. You can also contact us at:


Phone: 844-588-4559

+ I'm interested in learning more about the integration partners. Who can I contact with sales or support questions regarding those applications?

For more information on our integrations partners, use the following contact information:

a. Redtail

Phone: (800) 206-5030

b. Riskalyze

Phone: (855) RISKALYZE

c. Jive

Phone: 844-588-4559