Four Easy Ways to Maximize Your Free Trial of Advisor Metrix


Congratulations, you just signed on to the only platform that consolidates all your business’ key metrics onto a single dashboard. While we’re fairly confident you’ll love our platform right away, we still want to help you get started. So we put together this list of four easy ways to maximize your free trial of Advisor Metrix.

1. Reach out whenever you need help

You might be on a free trial, but we’re still here to help. You can always call or email the team to learn more about a certain feature, get an idea of how other advisors are using our software, or even just to chat (ask for Thom – he loves to talk). You can call us at 385-434-0470, or send us an email at


2. Integrate Immediately

Having data flowing through the system helps power your metrics.  And it adds efficiencies to your entire workflow. So don’t hesitate to get all your integrations up and running by visiting the team setting section of the platform.


3. Get the Team Onboard

If your entire team is not on board with a new software, then what’s the point?  Plus, you can’t make a final decision without full input from the rest of your team, can you?

Luckily, Advisor Metrix is built for collaboration. With simple user-roles and practical platform access, your team can collaborate with ease. Plus, Advisor Metrix features an industry-first integration with a leading Voice-Over IP provider, linking calls to client accounts and creating opportunities to evaluate and improve client service and support.

4. Practice, Practice, Practice

Yes, we are, in fact, talking about practice. Put a sticky note on your monitor to check your dashboard before the next call. Create a few opportunity reports. Customize your prospect pipeline. Whatever you do, spend as much time as you can with the platform to see how well it fits with your business. You wont regret it.

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Thom Hall